Monday, May 20, 2013


Someday I want to have this picture in my home. I've seen it before and it's always struck something in me, I think I've figured out what it is now. Jonah is someone we can all relate to and look up to. He was told to do something, ran away, repented, and than obeyed. I want my family to know that in this life we make mistakes, not that that is ever an excuse, just that it's part of our natural state. But that it's not our mistakes that make us. Jonah suffered quit heavily for his action but that didn't stop him from turning to the Lord, he had also gotten pretty far from where Heavenly Father wanted him and that didn't stop him from turning to the Lord either. I want my children to know the in the end repentance is what Heavenly Father wants from us. Yes we have natural bodies but we are spiritual sons and daughters of God and that is more powerful that a mortal body will ever be. We will slip and fall because of our moral state but we can repent and rise because of our divine potential! This picture shows me that now Jonah is relying on his dependence in the Lord. "Sometimes the Lord brings us low so He can lift us higher." 

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