Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The temple

Since moving to Orem I've started taking every chance I can to go to the temple. At very least once a week. It's such a blessing to have the temple so close and to have so many people I can go to the temple with.
A little self discovery this last week was my blessing. As most who know me know I have a fear of being alone the rest of my life. I've never dated much and therefore fear that I will never get married. This last week in the temple I noticed every time I'm in the temple I just have a comforting feeling that it will all be okay, that Heavenly Father has it figured out. Now I know that doesn't mean I will get married anytime soon, just that there is a plan and with Christ by my side I can do anything God would have me do, even if that meant waiting to be married. Not that I want that but it's a blessing to have the comfort that God is in control if I let Him be. 
My goal in posting this blessing is to help me believe in it. While in the temple I have that peace and comfort and by writing it down and rereading it often I hope to remember that feeling all the time. God loves us and knows what's best, He can see down the road and we need to trust He will lead us to the greatest happiness! Sometimes we just need to be reminded to "believe in the blessings" 


  1. So, I thought I had commented below, but can't find it. But anyway, you are amazing and I love you, and thanks for your example of faith!

  2. I again find myself stumbling upon your new blog and feeling like a creep for reading and posting on it but I wanted to share that I agree with that feeling of always being alone. The peace that the Temple brings me on that is amazing. But trust me, you will be fine. Atleast youre not a convert with tons of tattoos. hahaha. It makes it more likely for me to never get married. haha